Alice DeejayCandee Jay

Anybody ever wonder what happened to these two artists? With such hits as Better Off Alone and If I Were You, these two groups helped bring dance music into mainstream radio with their bubblegum pop vocals and catchy melodies. While this category is DEFINITELY not considered to be trance, they proved to be strong promoters of dance music in general. Even if you thought those tracks were cheesy and had no substance, they ultimately exposed more people to a different genre of music. What most people don’t know is that the production duo consisted of Pronti (born Sebastiaan Molijin) and Kalmani (born Eelke Kalberg) stand as the driving force between these two groups. They produced the beats, while different singers provided the vocal talent. So you might ask…. where are they now?

Ever heard of Dash Berlin? Yes, Pronti and Kalmani are back after a long hiatus and have returned swinging FULL FORCE!! If you haven’t heard of them, you probably havent been listening to trance for too long because this group has been on FIRE with their single Till the Sky Falls Down (2007) and this year’s great production of Man on the Run. I am so so SO grateful that they switched from dance to trance, as their production skills are definitely shining now in the right genre. When Till the Sky Falls Down was released, it was quickly dubbed the track of the summer by Armin van Buuren and received heavy airplay from everyone spinnin progressive tunes. They have also teamed up with Shawn Mitiska, Matt Cerf, and Jaren again on the production of You Never Said. All their tracks share the same silky smooth fatty synth/electro sound, which when paired up with a thumpin bassline will ALWAYS result in auditory heaven. Although they do like to take their time between releasing tracks, they have undeniably returned their mark to the dance music scene. I was pretty much in shock when I heard that they used to be Alice Deejay and Candee Jay.. but hey, look at where their experience has taken them now. I guess the lesson to be learned is that musical styles are constantly changing, and it’s up to the producers to come up with the next new sound.

Play Man on the Run (4am mix) here:

Check out their latest hit, Waiting here.