It’s official now…this is the inauguration post for the best trance review blog in the world. This site was created with the original intent of just having somewhere to post my mixes and to share them with my friends. After thinking this through however, I have decided to make it more than just a platform for my mixes. Future posts will include my friends’ mixes as well (including commentary), artist reviews, new track reviews, club reviews, rave reviews, and anything else that has to do with the EDM scene. Eventually if this thing blows up, I would like to start interviewing DJs, producers, promoters, and anyone who takes part in this unique little world. My focus lies mainly on the trance genre; however, anything EDM related worth mentioning will be discussed. I am currently setting up an FTP site so I will be able to share music and video on this site for everybody to listen to.

Some background information
I am an avid fan of anything trance related, which includes mixing, producing, reviewing, sharing, partying, clubbing, and plain old listening. I try to keep up with internet radio shows and my favorites are: Armin’s A State of Trance, Above & Beyond’s Trance Around the World, Ferry Corsten’s Countdown, Markus’ Global DJ Broadcast, Aly & Fila’s Future Sound of Egypt, Tiesto’s Club Life, and Sander van Doorn’s Identity. These shows provide me with a wide variety of new bangin’ tracks and teach me different mixing styles which I try to incorporate into my own music. Producing is something I would love to get into once I can save up for some serious equipment. My staple subgenre has always been progressive trance, but I love anything ranging from tech-trance to psy-trance. Trance to me has never been just a repetitive sequence of boring music; it is the combination of head-bobbing beats and driving melodies that really pulled me into the genre. Many people don’t understand how hard it is to produce a really great track and don’t appreciate how many hours it takes to produce just the right sound for your tune. With their endless reservoir of sounds and limitless supply of beats, trance producers often leave their enthusiasts wondering the same question… When is the next big track coming out?

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you will return to get your periodic dose of trance. Cheers!